Twelfth Night

An illustrated and edited edition of Shakespeare's classic comedy.


Twelfth Night

An illustrated and edited edition of Shakespeare's classic comedy, created as a senior capstone project. The book features 7 full spread illustrations, 9 two-color spots, 2 two-color comics, and 3 handwritten letter inserts.

The play has been reinterpreted and set in modern-day Hollywood, and the names and genders of all the characters are changed in order to draw further attention to the themes of gender roles and performativity in the text.



A full color spread illustrating an important moment in the plot appears before each act of the play, as well as at the beginning and end of the book. Each illustration was created using a combination of paper collaged with found materials and digital manipulation of color and lighting.


To compliment the full color spreads, two-color spots occur throughout the book. Two single-page comics also illustrate scenes from the play. These, along with pull-quotes emphasizing important moments and other design elements, work to break up the text and facilitate the reader's understanding of the story.

A third feature of the book, shown below, are the inserted letters that correspond to the letters sent between characters in the play and serve as important plot points in the story.