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I’m Caroline Dierksheide (DIRX-high-dee), an illustrator and graphic designer originally from Chicago and currently living in Santiago, Chile. I studied communication design, writing, and Spanish at Washington University in St. Louis and combine those interests in my personal and professional work.


My illustrations are colorful and shape-based, inspired and informed by my design education. Typical subjects include magical women and fantasy settings, though above all I’m drawn to projects that are narrative-based; ideally involving character design, printed media, or interactive elements. In particular I’m passionate about all things book-related.


Outside of my illustration and design work, I’ve also started and run a small summer camp for kids and work as a student affairs coordinator in study abroad – I love planning programs and events.


If you have questions about my work or are interested in collaborating with me, please reach out!

Contact Info
US & Whatsapp: +1.630.408.6632

 Chile: +56.9.3731.5712


Check out my LinkedIn profile

Social Media

I'm active on Instagram (@carolineillustration)

Shows & Awards

  • "Love & Beauty without Stereotypes" Fineart Latinoamerica illustration exhibition, January 2023

  • Finalist in Santiago en 100 Palabras illustration competition, 2022

  • Illustration Collection exhibition at Espacio En Tránsito, April 2022

  • Communication Arts 2022 Illustration Shortlist

  • World Illustration Awards 2021 Longlist

  • Online exhibition OPEN RAD sponsored by Galería Projekt-ada, selected artist by RADIIAN-T, May 2020

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